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Flat computer, mobile phone, is dedicated to computer keyboard, speakers and other 3C intelligent entertainment products Provide comprehensive intelligent wearable and surrounding derivatives. The product design is novel, the structure is reasonable, Diverse styles, not only to maintain the traditional luxury leather products, and the integration of modern The intelligent characteristic of high-tech products, its R & D and manufacturing are the leading domestic water Ping, the promotion of the 3C intelligent wear industry standards, the pursuit of excellence, the benefit of society.
Independent intellectual property rights: has a number of invention patents, utility model patents, patent
The national high and new technology products
The national high and new technology enterprises
Municipal Engineering Technology Center
School enterprise cooperation (Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Yancheng Institute Of Technology)
The quality of our products is to focus on every detail, high-quality fabrics make electronic products The product has anti dropping, dirt resistance, preventing the body scratch, anti liquid spraying protection The protection function. Company to strictly control the quality of products, so that products meet international standards.