Enterprise Development

Fine Triumph Company is a comprehensive firm that develops, produces and sells intelligent wearing and derivative products for entertainment produces, such as tablets, mobile phones, computer keypads and speakers. After ten years running, exploring, practicing and thinking, Kaihui has made up a vibrant featured and updated company culture that fits for our development requirement with a kind of theoretical level. Our 3c intelligent wearing products have newly design, rational structure and multiple styles. They not only keep the luxurious of the leather goods, but also combine the intelligent factors of modern high-tech. Its development and production is on the top, and has a important affection on improving the industry standard of the intelligent wearing.

The motivational and non-stopping process makes the company become bigger, and has set up two domestic production bases, which are “Fine Triumph Leather Technology (Nantong) Ltd., Co.” and “Dongguan Kaiwangli Leather Technology Ltd., Co.”. The company strictly controls the quality of the products, in order to achieve the international standard. With the business idea of “satisfying customers, pleasing employees, pursuing excellence, benefiting society”, the company serves the customers surefooted, and cooperates with many famous domestic and foreign companies. The perfect OEM/ODM service, advanced production line, configured auto-producing equipments and management help us to achieve the approval in the 3C Industry.

Fine Triumph established the first production base in Shenzhen City Kai Hui gift products Co. Ltd. of Guangdong Province in mainland China
Fine Triumph established the East China production base of Fine Triumph Leather Technology (Nantong) Ltd., Co.
Fine Triumph migration to Dongguan to establish production base in Shenzhen Dongguan Kaiwangli Leather Technology Ltd., Co.
Fine Triumph upgrade
Fine Triumph Will set up a production base in Chongqing